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Product Description

 Antifoaming Agent PS-30

1. Brief Product Introduction:
The product is a kind of nonionic silicon antifoaming agent with long-term performance, which is applicable to a variety of systems. It is developed by Tianjin Hero-Land S&T Development Co., Ltd. according to the US technology.

The product has a lot of advantages, and wildly used in papermaking, fertilizer, hydrolysis reactions, sewage treatment, metal processing industrials. It has made a lot of contribution for energy conservation and environmentally friendly.

2. Performance Index:
Milk white liquid 
Type of emulsifier :Nonionic
PH : 5.5-7.5

3. Usage and characteristics:
1. The product is a kind of special antifoaming, foam inhibiting agent aiming at high-foam surfactants.
2. The good effect of foam inhibiting can reduce the cost and the number of adding.
3. Its excellent ability of fast defoaming can solve instant event.
4. Its good inertia makes that it can be added to the general chemical reaction, without reacting.
5. Because the product adopts inert, odorless, suitable oily substance as its main body, so its application more secure and extensive.
6. In paper industry, for the unique dispersion and emulsification of the product, it can make the paper-making auxiliaries more uniform, more stable in the pulp, which will help to improve the quality of paper; Because the oily substance of the product has a protective effect to wood fiber, which will improve the toughness of paper products and paper grade.
7. In the fertilizer industry, for the unique antifoaming ability of the product, which can deal with the risk of parking.
8. In the oil field, you can add the product into mud directly, or add it after making the aqueous solution. That will reduce the cost than using the powder products.
9. In the sewage treatment, as the ability of flocculation and emulsification of the product, it can not only be used for antifoaming and foam inhibition, but also benefit to the flocculation and sedimentation of large organic molecules, thus speeding up the clarification of sewage.
10. Adding the product in metal processing liquid, which will not affect the performance of metalworking fluids, but also make effect of antifoaming and foam inhibition.

4. Using method recommended:
Depending on the industry.  Generally recommended dosage: It is recommended to dilute 10 times before using.

5. Packing and storage:
1. Packing in 200kg/drum.
2. Store it in ≥5℃ rooms, shelf life is 1 year. When storing it in low temperature, if solidification appears, please heat it. After melting, stir it evenly, that will not affect its performance.


specifications︰ 1. Packed in 200kg / drum.
2. Store in ≥ 5 ℃ room, shelf life of 1 year. When stored at low temperatures, if solidification occurs, heat. After melting, stirring evenly, will not affect its performance.
Export Markets︰ world
Pricing︰ USD $4088
Payment Details︰ T/T
Min Order︰ 1MT
Ship Date︰ 7-15days

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