Fur processing industry

Our company has fur degreaser with Ronica brand, which is from middle-grade to high-grade; It can be used for suitable degreasing to furs, leather, fur plates, wool and pashm, etc. Middle-grade fur degreaser TF-2 : Suitable for fur, chenille, inner leather of shoes, washing mixed leather, etc. Middle-grade degreaser TF-C : Suitable for the degreasing of sheep's wool, the wool will be white and slip after the washing. Middle-grade degreaser TF-2C : Suitable for penetrating degreasing to fur and fur plates, it can reduce the loss of greasy leather plates. Using it together with TF-2、TF-C can enhance the effect. Upscale degreaser TF100 : Suitable for degreasing to fur, leather. With small dosage and good effect, it can save transportation cost and does not increase cost. 

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