ine Chemicals

    Tianjin Hero-Land S&T Development Co., Ltd was a surfactants manufacturer which was specialized in producing various surfactants before. We can supply ABS, HABS, SABS, AS, S-80, T-80, NP-10, 1227, 1231, 1631, D1821, etc with great quality. Our emulsifier for silicone oil, animo silicone oil emulsifier, ceramic clay emulsifier, organic bentonite modifier are all gained recognition from our customers. Silicone defoamer, Non-silicone defoamer, anhydrous ester defoamer instead of tributyl phosphate, polyether defoamer, foam inhibitor are all used in many filed. The silicone defoamer PS-30 which is used in dye organic synthesis for antifoaming and foam inhibition shows that it is with great inertia.Catalyst for grease hydrolysis can be used for various grease and bad quality oil, and it can raise the rate of production. Meanwhile, our decolourant for old plastic can replace methylbenzene, cotton cloth decolourant can replace sodium hypochlorite.

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